Friday, March 19, 2010

Manganese Blue!

My paints from Blockx arrived yesterday! Two tubes and two full pans of their now-discontinued Manganese Blue watercolour paint... such a delightful colour!

The NOS pans look like delicious little gold foil wrapped chocolates, and the tubes have hand-written labels - too cute!

If you are after some PB33 for yourself, check out the 'Good Bargains' section of the Blockx online store. The Blockx personnel were super-friendly via email, and shipping to AU was only a few dollars.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rublev Eighteenth Century Palette

Here is a scan of a watercolour set from Natural Pigments. This is the rather lovely "18th Century Palette": (Click to enlarge!)

I have tested almost every watercolour paint in the Rublev line, and all have delightful textural properties.  I use these paints mostly for small works or field sketches, as the paints are best applied and then left alone. Re-wetting them and brushing over them lifts them and destroys the texture.

(Update: 2013: Over time, some paints became unusable, and would no longer produce colour when re-wetted, even if soaked. Vivianite (Blue Ocher) was of much interest to me but is now just an inert lump which does not respond to water.)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Painterly Things

Well, I have been shopping for art supplies again! I have a nice assortment of watercolour paints enroute, and am looking forward to putting them to use. Here is the list:

From Daniel Smith:
- German Greenish Raw Umber
- Lunar Black · Lunar Blue · Lunar Earth· Lunar Red
- Moonglow
- Fired Gold Ochre.
I love textural paints, and since I love my Lunar Violet I figured all the other Lunar variants were worth a look.

From Natural Pigments:
- The gorgeous 12 pan 19th Century Watercolor Palette
- The cute 8 half-pan Watercolor Case
- Historic blues: Lazurite · Royal Smalt · Vivianite
- Earth reds: Indian Red · Violet Hematite
- Olive Green
I am a huge fan of earth paints, but also have many paintboxes with specific palettes such as bright earth, classical and Zorn.

Photo © 2005-2010 Natural Pigments, LLC.

From Blockx:
- Their discontinued Manganese Blue (PB33) in full pans and tubes.

Oh, happy, happy!