Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Painterly Things

Well, I have been shopping for art supplies again! I have a nice assortment of watercolour paints enroute, and am looking forward to putting them to use. Here is the list:

From Daniel Smith:
- German Greenish Raw Umber
- Lunar Black · Lunar Blue · Lunar Earth· Lunar Red
- Moonglow
- Fired Gold Ochre.
I love textural paints, and since I love my Lunar Violet I figured all the other Lunar variants were worth a look.

From Natural Pigments:
- The gorgeous 12 pan 19th Century Watercolor Palette
- The cute 8 half-pan Watercolor Case
- Historic blues: Lazurite · Royal Smalt · Vivianite
- Earth reds: Indian Red · Violet Hematite
- Olive Green
I am a huge fan of earth paints, but also have many paintboxes with specific palettes such as bright earth, classical and Zorn.

Photo © 2005-2010 Natural Pigments, LLC.

From Blockx:
- Their discontinued Manganese Blue (PB33) in full pans and tubes.

Oh, happy, happy!

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